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To Read a Book to a Group of Kids Age-5 and above (Part-1)

Children have a rich imagination and they love using it. By involving children in a group reading, you can satisfy their need to be imaginative and social. Take care to get involved with a structured reading group and watch their creativity flourish.

Getting Ready for Storytime

Bring an interesting book. Kids don’t have very long attention spans, so try to choose a book that will be interesting to them and likewise to you. Children are keenly aware when the adult around them is not interested in what they’re doing. Try a pop-up book if you’re unsure how to pick something fun.

Select an appropriate topic. The book you choose should be appropriate for the age group and appropriate concerning content. If you’ve been tasked to read to older children, books like Everybody Poops may not be the best selection. Instead, try something in the Dr. Seuss line, or the classic Incognito Mosquito.

Read ahead. Regardless of the age group, make sure you read the book yourself a few times. You can think about possible questions the kids might have, think of fun ways to read through the book, and also find a natural rhythm or cadence that fits the pace and tone of the book.

Change up the story. Pick different stories for each reading. If you read the same story again and again the kids are likely to get bored. What’s more, reading a variety of stories will expose the children to a breadth of vocabulary, plots, and diversity, specifically in the types of language. In other words, your little ones will have ongoing experiences with different syntactic forms (sentence and phrase structure), sounds, verb tenses, and emotions.

Talk loud enough for everyone to hear. You’ll lose part of the audience if they can’t hear you. Also, they won’t be able to pay attention if they don’t know what’s going on.

Set rules and stick to them. Kids need structure and learn this through interaction. Before you start reading the story, be sure to reinforce a few simple rules like, “don’t interrupt the story” and “raise your hand if you have a question.” As you read through the story, you’ll likely need to restate these simple rules several times, but do it calmly and politely.

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