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Colors and Shapes

When you look out the window, what do you see? Colors and shapes, green trees, square windows, a whole world of things to identify! Colors and Shapes is a fun and educational game for preschool children that helps teach object matching and color recognition skills. It’s a beautiful world out there. Help your children learn […]

Sense of Organ

Sense organ , A specialized organ or structure, such as the eye, ear, tongue, nose, or skin, where sensory neurons are concentrated and that functions as a receptor. Also called sensor. You’ve probably heard about the five senses. What exactly are these fives senses? How do these senses work? What are sense organs? Where are these […]

Part of the Body

Body part list Hair: grown on top of the head. Head: part of the body that’s on top of your neck Ears: on each side of the head and used for hearing. Neck: connects the head to the body. Shoulder: connects the to arm and to the base of the neck Arms: Used for touching things […]

Rainy Season

The wet season (sometimes called the rainy season) is the time of year when most of a region’s average annual rainfall occurs. Generally the season lasts at least a month. The term ‘ green season’ is also sometimes used as a euphemism by tourist authorities. Areas with wet seasons are dispersed across portions of the tropics […]

Help Your Kids With Study Skills

Stressed about your studies? Struggling with subjects? Anxious about exams? This fantastic visual guide is here to help children and parents get the most out of school and make curriculum learning an enjoyable experience.?? With bright visuals and brilliant step-by-step content, this is the helping hand parents need to guide their children through the challenges […]

Target Outdoor Garden Fun Game

Archer Bow and Arrow, 3 Arrows, Strong String Thread, Target Board printed on backside of cardboard box HIGH QUALITY DURABLE PLASTIC: Made with a durable ABS plastic, able to withstand multiple hours of use without breaking. Great beginner archery bow to start practice shooting. GREAT KIDS GAME: The Bow & Arrow set is operated almost […]

Skillmatics Educational Game: Times Tables (6-9 Years) | Fun Learning Games and Activities for Kids

ERASABLE AND REUSABLE ACTIVITY MATS : Includes 6 double sided activity mats, 1 Skill Billy pen, 1 duster cloth and 1 Skill Billy Achievement Certificate. All the activity mats come with instructions which are easy to understand LEARN THROUGH PLAY : 20 highly engaging and repeatable activities which build core skills through fun learning methodologies. […]

Webby Amazing Solar

System Jigsaw Floor Puzzle 60 Pcs with 4 Double Sided Flashcards ALL UNIQUE PIECES: The puzzle is specially designed with 60 unique pieces. So, you will not be able to fit a piece if it’s not at the correct position because of the unique size of each piece KNOWLEDGE CARDS: Along with the puzzles, 4 […]

DIY Toys Assembly Colorful Straw Educational Building Smart City Blocks for Kids

210 + Stick are included in the box. Straw Assembly,Smart stick combination,Building blocks. This Is A Creativity for your child to Build Different Type of Design to make Chair, Cycle, House, and more.. to Build Power of your child to do creativity skill build up. and more then 225+ Stick are included in the box. […]

Solar System Puzzle For 6 Year Old Kids And Above

Made in India All necessary precautions have been taken to ensure our products are manufactured under hygienic conditions This educational puzzle game introduces children to some of the elements that make up our Solar System A brief description of the planets of the Solar System has been given at the back of the box ; […]


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